CHAP Webinars

CHAP: Sustainable farming in Bedfordshire (online)
May 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Although farming accounts for just 9% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, roughly 70% of the UK’s land area is farmed, which means that as well as producing food sustainably, farmers have a crucial role to play in using the UK’s countryside to help store carbon and safeguard biodiversity. In 2019 the UK agricultural sector committed to reaching net zero by 2040 and farmers in Bedfordshire are working hard to fulfil this commitment. Hear from local farmers Andrew, Freya, Nigel and Kevin about what they’re doing as part of this challenge and what you might be able to do to support them.

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BASIS: From Farmer to Pharma & Beyond –with Medicinal Cannabis&Hemp
May 12 @ 9:45 am – 4:30 pm

Edward Antil recommended the cultivation of cannabis in his Observations on the Raising and Dressing of Hemp (1777), saying “Hemp is one of the most profitable productions the earth furnishes in northern climates…”
The use of plants for regulated therapeutic use and other applications is growing worldwide and represents a major opportunity for growers to produce higher value crops. However there is still a lot of uncertainty for potential growers around access to varieties, the agronomic management, market opportunities and regulatory constraints surrounding a commitment to embrace them as part of the rotation.

We will also be looking at the innovations in processing and where the future demand is likely to be for pharma, fibre and oils and the plant parts which are likely to be of the highest value. Importantly, how is the business model going to work and how – and in which directions – is the money going to flow?

This is your opportunity to meet the key players across the value chain and learn more about what is involved in the broadacre and controlled environment production of hemp and cannabis, new variety development, processing solutions and needs, regulatory requirements and potential routes to market.

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Agri-Tech Explore: Improving Farm Safety With Innovative Agri-Tech
May 24 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Remote sensing and monitoring, communications technology and automation are being deployed to help make agriculture a safer industry. Hear about some of the latest tools to help improve the safety track record around managing livestock and arable, as well as in controlled environment conditions. We’ll be highlighting some of the latest new products, tools and services, as well as hearing from farmers what they’d like to see to make their working lives even safer.

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