September 16, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

The rural economy has the power and the will to drive forward the sustainability agenda. We ask what a rural-first economic policy would look like and what it would mean for prosperity now, and for future generations.

In this RED Talk we discuss the need to embed Dynamic ESG in the rural sector and the importance of the UK’s rural businesses in galvanising a more just and sustainable economy in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As a limit to growth nature – and the rural economy which protects and harnesses natural resources – also has the power to drive sustainable growth and economic resilience. It is often not valued as highly as its urban counterpart, but with such important roles in 1. feeding the nation, 2. producing & harvesting sustainable resources and fuels, 3. environmental stewardship and 4. volume of land mass ownership, it is the foundation stone on which the economy as whole will prosper.

Eight in ten rural businesses have told RPG they want to operate with greater respect for their corporate environment and society at large. An even greater number have told us they are yet to start preparing for green government initiatives such as ELMS. This RED Talk puts rural front and centre in the drive towards sustainability; examining what a rural-first sustainable economic policy would look like, and supporting all those businesses who want to operate with greater ethicacy and respect for the planet translate policy into action.

The talk is timed to support the launch of Rural Policy Group’s latest report, The Interdependency of Sustainable Finance, Food, Health and Environmental Social Governance for a Green Future, which elucidates a systems-thinking approach to human health, environmental health and economic health.

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