Crops, Seeds & Soil Tech (CSS) 4.0 focuses on the key aspects of sustainable and regenerative agriculture for arable land. Improving our technology, environment, practices and methods can help regenerate and revitalise the soil and the environment. Leading to healthy soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land, and ultimately leading to productive farms and healthy communities and economies.

CCS 4.0 will look at the importance of having a holistic approach in our route to caring for crops, seeds and soil within our developing technological, sustainable and regenerative practices and processes. With technology rapidly changing agriculture how can we continue to utilise and implement technology, as well as our ceaseless research and current knowledge of the land, into ensuring that that we are continuously improving sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices, through our interaction with crops, seeds and soil.

CSS 4.0 will explore the wide range of opportunities available through programmes, development, support and investment opportunities, and how new and changing technologies will influence our agriculture environment through providing support for regenerative practises and sustainable food solutions.

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Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) – Friday 1st October 2021

Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) – Friday 15th October 2021

Conference Day 1Developing Our Approach, Crop Production, Soil Health & Quality, Crop Protection, Seeds, Precision Crop Farming, Water & Irrigation

Conference Day 2Crop Management, Soil Biodiversity & Regeneration, Data & Monitoring, Agrochemicals, Crop Nutrition & Health, Pollination & Breeding, Renewable Energy & Low Carbon Systems, Sustainable Recycling & Waste Management

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